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Satanic Anatomy Satanic Anatomy

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Just As Frozen_Scumbag said "If i was in a Metal band i would come to you." well thats what i want. my band is looking for someone to make a album cover but sadly i am not great at detail. so i was wondering if you can help me out. Me and my band has talked over it and we wanted a specific type of cover. My bands name is "Bestow The Body" We have chose a deathcore genre. and are practicing. Please reply as soon as possible.

Now the review, I think its amazing by far, The shadowing makes the bones look as if they are old and worn out. The Horns look superb with the lines and the dark colors really show the satanic meaning of the picture. I am not great at reviews but its my best.

SeventhTower responds:

Sweet! Thank you for the kind worlds. Pretty late reply but I'll shoot you over a message and if you're still interested we'll talk more about that cover! (if it's not too late that is)